This is Why Priyanka Chopra’s Brother Siddharth’s Marriage Was Called Off

After Priyanka Chopra’s mother Dr Madhu Chopra broke her silence on Siddharth and Ishitta Kumar’s marriage by confirming that the wedding had indeed been called off, she has spelled out the reason of the same as well. In an interview with Spotboye, Dr Chopra revealed her son was not ready for marriage yet and that he needed more time.

In the statement, Dr Madhu Chopra said, “My son Siddharth said he was not ready for marriage yet. He explained he needed more time.”

A source close to the website was also quoted as saying, “This arranged marriage was being pushed a bit in haste.”

The couple was supposed to tie the knot last weekend but the speculation that Ishitta was probably hinting at breakup with Siddharth was fuelled by the comments her parents dropped on Ishitta’s Instagram post, which many thought indicated that she had moved on.

On Thursday, she posted a smiling picture of herself at a bar, with the caption, “Cheers to new beginnings. With a goodbye kiss to beautiful endings.”

Her mother, Nidhi Kumar responded by writing, “Close old book and write a new story”, while her father wrote, “We are with you; Feel the expanse of the universe and be the star you were born to be.”

This was Siddharth’s second engagement, as reported Mumbai Mirror. In October 2014, Siddharth had got engaged to longtime girlfriend Kanika Mathur. The couple was to marry in Feb 2015, in Goa, but it did went through.

Earlier in February this year, Priyanka Chopra had attended Siddharth and Ishitta’s roka ceremony and welcomed her into the family.

Source:- news18